Icons of YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Pinterest
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Process Post: Transmedia Integration


The implementation of other platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, and how they would be beneficial to Kafe Corrective and it's online publication.

This is a process post for the week of November 29 (Week 12)

The concept of Kafe Corrective, aims to approach recipes from a new angle, through both providing the user with recipes while also forming a relationship with users through stress-baking accompanying rants/ blog posts. Due to the concept of the website, if I had more time or were to reapproach creating the website’s content I would probably focus on a stream of media that helped to create a stronger relationship between the recipes and the rants, like shorter YouTube vlogs or even longer TikToks. This was very evident to me when creating Mini Assignment #3, where I created a short video explaining the recipe for a matcha latte. These platforms allow for the more aesthetic recipe side of Kafe Corrective to be displayed, as well as the relatable rant side, through voice-overs to accompany the video. I think that these platforms also help to immerse the audience more in the content as the author becomes more tangible or personable to them once hearing their voice.

Realistically, I feel that expanding a social media presence through platforms like Instagram are more achievable in the time span left for developing the online publication for this course. Instagram allows for more engagement between users and creator. Through functions like commenting or direct messaging, it is easier to generate a sense of community. Instagram also allows for more options for the type of media posted, for example stories, posts, or reels, creating more flexibility for the content I want to post. This direct engagement with followers paired with the flexibility of content allows for better feedback from the audience and makes them able to be part of steering the course of what content is published. Due to the interactivity Instagram provides, I will focus more on establishing transmedia integration through this platform in the remaining weeks.

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