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Process Post: Design Critique


Design appreciation and analysis of Bad Cafe's website.

This is a process post for the week of October 25 (Week 7)

Based on our guest speaker and discussion of design elements, I have chosen to analyze the design choices of Bad Cafe, a cafe based in the Philippines.

This website has a clear colour theme, and memorable logo that stands out due to its use of unique bright pink. On the home page the website makes use of large body text to put emphasis on the description of each page section. Although this does help with legibility, it also takes away from legibility as it distorts the hierarchy within the categories, rather than putting emphasis on the headings it puts emphasis on the categories descriptions. Another stylistic issue is the use of center aligned text, typically text is aligned to left of the page for legibility and by center aligning the text it makes it more difficult to read a larger block of text.

Within the Menu page, I like how they have intentionally kept the traditional cafe menu styled layout by keeping the text centered and using simplistic descriptions. One thing I wish they would incorporate more is the images within the menu, just so it is easier for the user to know what an item looks like immediately rather than having to match an item name to an image on their own. Also the image carousel at the top of the page has arrows that do not appear to hold any function, minus the functionality error I do like the look of the image carousel on the page rather I think it may be more intuitive if it automatically rotated.

Finally, something that I liked was the simplicity of their Contact page. To make the page unique and tie back to their brand they made the background the same bright pink as their logo, compared to the white background of every other page. This was a unique way of tying in their branding back into the website, but in a simple way.

Bad Cafe:

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