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Peer Review: Astrometrics

website reviewed: (Astrometrics)

First Impressions:

Upon first opening Astrometrica, the website has established a very clear design style that is clean, and cohesive. The website opens to a homepage that immediately guides the user to the featured content of the site, via the go to collage button. This flow of website navigation rids the user of being overwhelmed by the website or have to search for content, as the website direction creates clear user interaction.

Website Design:

Overall, one thing that I really like about this website is that it establishes clear hierarchy through typography size and color and the user immediately knows where to look. The menu bar is clearly organized, which helps with easy navigation and locating content. All posts are clearly labelled and easy to find based off of their respective categories. One thing I wish was more prevalent is use of images, since the website is meant to be about the exploration and publicization of artists that interest the author the addition of more images of artwork would help in immersing the audience more into the website’s goal. Another thing that is a bit misleading is the white bar on the bottom of the homepage, as it leads the user to believe that there is more content that can be scrolled down to, and feels like a misplaced area for white space. Something else that is done strongly is the about page. This page gives the user an inciteful and personal look into the author’s personal life, making the website feel more personable to the audience and allows the user to be brought into the public of Adam’s website.

Marketability & Intended Audience:

Astrometrica is clearly intended to be an aesthetic art collection page, targeted towards anyone passionate or interested in learning about different artists. As specified in the about page of the author, “The website showcases the work of others that employ my creativity through how I present it”, this clearly establishing the goal of the author and therefore the intended audience.

Something that would make the page more marketable is more content posted, either images or more brief overviews of varying artists, links to social media or some form of collaborative social media (like Pinterest), just so there is more content for users to consume. I might also suggest putting a clearer emphasis on the branding of the website name, as the word Astrometrics is not super prominent throughout the website. Overall, I would say that Astrometrics is marketable, as the author establishes a clear design style and intended audience, while maintaining a clear theme through the content he posts.

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