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Mini Assignment #2

Hi everyone!

I will be taking over the blog this week, so there will be no cooking or baking of any kind as a woman’s place is not in the kitchen. For those of you “wondering”, it is I, Wonder Woman, who will be taking over for today. (Sorry for the bad pun)

Something that I think we’ve all dealt with before is stereotyping.

When I first came from Themyscira to the human realm, I definitely felt this sense of not fitting the mold that I was supposed to. Being a female warrior was common in my homeland, but in the human world not as much. I was not used to seeing men, let alone men treating women as second class citizens. Why must I behave in a way that fit these silly standards? From an outsiders perspective it is interesting to think of why we accept things as truths or facts. For instance although we accept that it is true that people for generations have been marginalized or mistreated due to race and gender, why do stereotypes within these categories still exist. Having never experienced being treated differently because of my gender, to arriving to a place in time where gender goes as far to determine your rights, job, and role in society. It also dictated your identity. How others view you, how much value you hold. In a world where we witness atrocities continue to exist and attempts to repress movements for equality, it is important to reflect on aspects we need to be grateful for. As a super hero I get the feeling of getting caught up in overthinking about what could be better. I am in no way suggesting that we remain satisfied with what we have at our disposal, but it is truly important to acknowledge that all these rights and privileges we are privy to is the result of protesting and fighting against a system built to repress us. We must utilize these opportunities we have been given and we must fight who cannot fight for themselves.

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